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জুনমীৰ কামৌয্য হৰণ

Today i am narrating the first real sex encounter of my life in which i and my GF both lost virginity. I am 5 6" tall and the GF is 5-2, ft. She is slim 32 28 34. A real sex bomb. Lets come to the story. This incident happened in 2004, I was an GU  she was my classmate in the same department . We fell into love in due course. I was constantly supporting her as she had some problems in her family, and she was feeling disturb due to that. By that time i had no intention of having sex with her. Gradually she started visiting my hostel where I stay. We use to talk on phone regarding different matters. Gradually these calls changed towards sex and one day i asked her the bra size. She after much hesitation told me that it is 32C. Same day i  gave her a white bra as gift when she went to my hostel. She immediately hid it in the bag. This was a very positive sign. A few day later she again visited my hostel for some work and by that time our hostel was empty. As she entered i just grabbed her and started kissing her. She just pulled herself away after a few moments and shown her angerness and went out. After a few minutes she again entered in the room  but did not looked at me. i moved forward and immediately put my hand into her neck and gripped her left breast. My goodness, that was tough like a stone i just pulled it out a bit and kissed on the nipple. She just resisted but i said wait "Muk saboloi diya" just like a little child i started to press her boobs with force and was successful in sucking her left nipple. She just stood up and said wait. She went out and after a few minutes entered again with some books. Her other sisters were busy in house work. I just pulled her hand put my penise into her palm and asked her to press it, she once pressed it. I said with more power, she again pressed it with more power. Man this was amazing and I wana fuck her but the situation was not fully favorable. So I just kissed, pressed her boobs and she promised that as soon as possible she will come to my hostel in a week day. After that we use to kiss and hug when ever time was suitable.
After a few weeks, our hostel was empty as all departments classes were in fullswing. I called her around 11AM. It was june and weather was hot. She reached hurriedly, ther was no one in the hostel. I bolted the door and checked the windows , i was so eager that i started kissing and pulling her qameez in the way to room. As soon as we entered the room, she closed the door and given me a big hug. I just bite on her lips and started pressing her boobs over her qameez. She removed her cloths and i removed mine. I made her sit on the chair and asked her to suck my lun but she refused. I pull her with hairs and forced her to suck. She took my Penis in mouth and given me a quick three or four sucking strokes. It was so awesome that i could not narrate. Then i pushed her on the bed side. Someone told me that if you wanna grip tight on girl then keep her on bed side, it will force her to rise her legs and she shall not be able to move back while insertion.
I just took sarson oil from the table and pour it on my Penis and a bit on her Pussy. When i come near the bed she was watching my penis and seem a bit confused but said nothing. I just placed cap of my penise on her pusssy, mount her legs to her chest,  gripped her shoulder and ........ with a single powerful thrust i was inside her.... she just screamed in pain ooouuccchhh oouuccchhh ..... aammmiii... saji....nikalo... ooffff.....ooofff... aaammmi....ooff. I just lowered myself, lip locked her, pulled my lun and again given a powerful push into her phudi, she screamed again but this time no noise as i was lip locked with her. Tears were flowing from her eyes but i started pumping her and as it was my first time i wanted to fuck her like animals. She wasjust trying to move under me but my strong grip blocked her. I kept on pumping her fast and after 6 or seven  minutes discharged my load in her pussy. I removed the lip lock. She turned her face to other side and started to cry again in low volice. I kissed her boobs, face and tell her that it is only first time, now you shall not feel pain.
She stood from bed and we saw that bed sheet had afew big blood spots, the same were on her thighs and on my penise as well. She started crying again. I just kissed her again. We went to washroom and cleaed ourselves, came out she changed the bed sheet. Meanwhile, i again made a mood, she try to stop me bu what  can a naked girl do to a naked boy. I just took her to the bed again and this time i started to fuck her slow, biting her nipples as well. After a few minutes, she started enjoying and even discharged herself. After an hour i returned back home. Since then when ever her mother was out for shopping, she just called me and we enjoyed alot and we are still intact.

ANJALI'S HOT BODY (আনজ়ালীৰ েদহাৰ সূখ)

Anjali is a Bengali housewife, 45 years old. She is the mother of a son, aged 18 years. Anjali is fair complexioned, 5 feet 2 inches tall and has a figure of 36-32-36. She is extremely good looking. Her body is heavier on the lower part but her fleshy, fat buttocks made her more attractive.

Her husband leaves for work by eight and her son leaves for college by half past eight. She has a hectic morning, but later, after finishing her cooking, she has time to relax with books and magazines. Sometimes, talking with friends or relatives on phone also consumes some of her free time. Normally Anjali goes for bath by half past twelve. Bengali housewives usually take their bath quite late - only after they finish cooking, cleaning everything. Anjali looks at the watch. The watch was showing almost one o’clock ! It was high time that she goes for her bath. It was a Thursday and she was waiting for the dhobi. She has again and again told that fellow to come by twelve, but he can not be corrected. Anjali was getting more and more annoyed. How long can she wait? Maybe dhobi wouldn’t turn up only ! When it was one o’clock, Anjali decided not to wait for that fellow any more and went to the bathroom to take her bath.

Just when she drops her shaya (petticoat) and gets naked to start her bath, she heard a doorbell. How annoying ! Who would it be ? Is it dhobi ? No, he must not be that late ! Then ? Maybe some salesman - hell with them ! She is not going to dress up once more and open. But, the door bell was ringing again and again. The person on the other side must be getting impatient ! Then she realized it may be her neighbor’s maidservant. Her neighbor had kept the keys with her and asked her to hand it over to the maidservant. Anjali hurriedly wrapped her saree over her bare body, covered her bare breasts with dark brown aureoles with aanchal (pallu) and came out of the bathroom. She went with the keys, so that she could just open the door as a slit and hand over the keys to the maidservant. As she unlatched the door with a narrow opening, she was furious to find that dhobi fellow, showing a foolish smile.

“YOU !! Just get out from here ! I was waiting for you till one o’clock. Is it the time when one should come to a house ? Didn’t I tell you again and again to come on time ?”

The Bihari man didn’t argue, didn’t react. He just said with his foolish smile, “Aaj der ho giya !”

“Just go out ! I can’t open the door for you now. I even went in to take my bath…”

“Kapra rakh-ke chale jau? Baadme aake kapra le lenge”
Anjali had to let her in. What will that poor fellow do with that big heap of clothes on his head?

The fellow walked in and unloaded his bundle of clothes on the floor. He didn’t look at Anjali in her provocative dress of just a saree without undergarments. He was about to open the bundle, keep the washed clothes and about to leave, but Anjali asked her to wait “Dara ! Ami gune nichchhi !” (Wait! Let me count) Anjali is awfully bad in Hindi.

Once one of her friends told her a story. A Bengali housewife wanted to tell her dhobi, “Keep your washed clothes there, i’ll keep the ones for washing ready” and the translation she made was, “Tum tumhara kapra nikaal do, mai aapna kapra nikalti hu..” Later, when she realized what wrong meaning it might carry, she decided to speak Bengali only with dhobi.

Anjali walked to her room to bring her notebook. As she walked back, the dhobi looked her backside. He couldn’t believe that his madam didn’t have a blouse or a bra. Her back was completely bare, except for the part where the aanchal of her pink cotton saree crossed over her shoulder. As Anjali walked, her buttocks were rhythmically swinging and only then could the man feel the curves and outlines of her buttocks through the semi-transparent effect of her saree. Even her ass-cracks appeared like a crease on her saree. Her pair of bare legs were also prominent clearly under her saree. The man could make out that Anjali wasn’t even wearing her shaya and panty. In no time, the man felt that his manhood was getting erect more and more. He works for many housewives, some of them are much younger than Anjali, but none can match Anjali’s figure and matured looks. When he masturbates, most of the times he imagines Anjali. Ramji, the dhobi is not the only man who masturbates in dream of Anjali. The doodhwalla, for whom Anjali opens the door in the morning in her nightie also masturbates for her. Anjali’s younger sister’s son Deepu unloads his cum thinking of baromasi, whose place he regularly loves to visit. Even Anjali’s 18-year old son Anjan regularly releases tons of semen in imagination his lovely maa. Anjali comes back with a notebook, a pen and her reading glass. As she walks to the front, she modestly covers her boobs with aanchal. But just the saree had a semi-transparent effect. Ramji could make out the dark outlines of her aureoles and the protruding nipples. God ! Could the dhobi ever imagine that he would see his madam in such a provocative dress ?

Anjali could sense that the man was fixing his eyes on her breasts, but she didn’t bother. She had more responsible thing to do - checking the count. Suddenly she noticed that her left breast was partly uncovered - just up to her left nipple. Anjali was red in feelings of shame. She quickly adjusted her aanchal to protect her treasures once more. The count was alright! “kapra baad me aake le jaaun?” He asked.

“Tui esei jakhan porechhis, kapor niye ja” (Since you have come, you can take the clothes as well).

Anjali asked the dhobi to walk in to her bedroom and collect the soiled clothes kept below the aalna (cloth stand). Dhobi collected those, but even those counts had to be recorded. Anjali was sitting on the stool. She realized that in absence of shaya, she couldn’t create pleats of her saree and fold those in. All that she could manage to do was to make a knot below her navel and that knot loosened as she sat down comfortably. She quickly tried to re-make that knot but that made a mess. She had to stand up, unwrap the saree and make the knot once more. It gave Ramji the view that he dreamt of. Anjali had to expose everything - her pair of lovely boobs with dark aureoles, her thick hairy pussy with a slit ! Only for a few seconds though! Ramji walked away with another bundle on his head - the bundle of dirty clothes. Anjali closed the door and came back to the bathroom and looked herself at the mirror. Her face was red in shame. Her ears were radiating intense heat. God! She lost all her shame today ! But didn’t she also secretly enjoy the man’s erection that was creating a big bulge ? She must have ! Why else was her pussy so wet in excitement ?

The incident indeed triggered a great deal of erotic feelings in Anjali. For years, she was virtually sex-starved. It was her husband Amitabha, who had introduced her to the lovely world of sex twenty years back, just after her marriage. It was he, who had taken the most active role in love and sex for the first 15 years of their marriage, but a massive heart attack of Amitabha changed things altogether. Amitabha was advised against intercourse and extreme form of sexual excitements. It was painful for Amitabha to bear this situation. He could otherwise lead a normal life of a busy executive, but any major form of physical exertions that included intercourse was prohibited. Anjali tried her best so that Amitabha could get over that state of depression. Anjali even tried woman-on-top position to help her husband, but fear and sex cannot go together. It was this state of mind, along with heavy dose of anti-BP medicines that gradually developed the impotency in him. Anjali never expressed any complaints or frustrations to her husband, whom she loved intensely. But within her inner core, wasn’t she frustrated?

When desires are suppressed, it takes a different turn. Anjali was eager to satisfy her lust, but she also had a strong sense of morality. It was impossible for her to cheat her husband and develop coital relations with someone else. But when she thought of the incident involving dhobi, she realized that there was a teaser in her. A woman, who may not allow ultimate sex, but tease young men. As a woman, she was extremely shy, but as a teaser, she was daring enough to do anything – this may appear as a contradiction, but isn’t a woman’s mind full of contradictions? Don’t they say a a, when they want to say yes? Her reddish face indeed displayed her blush and at the same time, her wetness showed her lust, her unfulfilled appetite. That night, Anjali was burning with lust. How badly she wished that her husband could have satisfied all her wild desires but she was scared of even attempting any seduction, lest Amitabha ends up with the frustrations for non-performance.

When Anjali realized that Amitabha had gone into deep sleep, she slowly raised her nightie well above her knees. Slowly, she lifted its borders beyond her bushy hair and pushed her fingers well within the pussy slit and filled the air with a musky smell of her wetness. As she rubbed her inner vaginal wall in circles, it made her more and more wet and she heard a faint sound that her own contact was making with her pool of vaginal juices. She rubbed her clit, remembering the lusty looks she could see in Ramji’s eyes when he witnessed her saree’s re-wrapping. In sheer exuberance, Anjali lifted her nightie further, well beyond her boobs and ultimately removed it completely to make herself fully naked. She massaged her own boobs, which made her wild with the thoughts that it was her dhobi, who was pressing her love containers with all the force that he knew. After experiencing the pleasure and pain of her breasts’ squeeze, she inserted her index finger inside her cunt hole and pushed it further and further, up to the point it could travel. She imagined that Ramji was fucking her, as she moved her index finger in and out, in and out, in and out – as many times as she could do without getting tired, each time rubbing her clitoris and getting the climax. But, finger cannot replace a massive rock hard tool that her body wanted badly. And, the extent to which she could sense Ramji’s cock growing bears testimony to the fact that Ramji was gifted with a massive tool that can go rock hard with Anjali’s tease. Anjali slipped in her night gown once more after a prolonged session of self-pleasuring, but couldn’t snatch a sleep. She was feeling restless and sleepless. Her unfulfilled lust couldn’t allow her to sleep.

“Darling, anything wrong with you?” Amitabha asked her.

“No darling-“ she replied.

“You are not getting a sleep”, Amitabha noted.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get it. You sleep. You are tired after a day’s hectic work.”

“I know your problems, Anjali” he said.

“What ?” She asked.

“You are a woman without active sex life for past one year” Amitabha answered, with a sad feeling.

“It’s okay. Maybe, later when your heart condition improves, we can start. What you say?” She tried to console her husband.

“I wish it is. I wish I could fuck you wildly once more.” Amitabha said with a lusty smile.

“You will, darling.” Anjali assured.

Amitabha leaned towards Anjali. Their lips met. Amitabha’s lust was building up, as he passionately kissed every part of Anjali’s lips. Amitabha rolled over Anjali’s body and squeezed her breasts. Anjali moaned in pleasure and tightly embraced Amitabha. Amitabha’s erect cock that made a tent out of his pajama was resting against the softness of his wife’s womanhood, that was so much familiar once upon a time, but for past one year, he was forced to maintain so much of distance from it.

“Now?” He asked.

“Have patience darling – maybe till you can bear the thrusts of penetration, let someone else does it for you” she suggested.

“Wow ! Brilliant idea! But, who is going to be that lucky man.” Amitabha asked.

“Hmmm…that’s the point. But, if I have your permission, let me find it out.” Anjali commented with a naughty smile.
“Beautiful! You have my permission.” Amitabha said.

“Serious?” She enquired.

“Yes, serious.” He said. Then he said softly, “It would be wrong, if I don’t give you my permission.”

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নল্বাৰীৰ িতৰী

Aiya mur bandhu makor saite huwa mur samparkar katha likhim, ataye jen nijar valuable comment di muk anuprerna janai..

Mur ghatana tu enedare arambha tetiya class 11 manot asilu. Mur tetiya bhikhan sex asil kiyanu pratham pratham sexor maja labaloi arambha karisilu. Moi Tridipor gharat gaisilu praye aru tetiya taar makor prati imaan ata akarshan nasile, kintu jeye din bagari ahile mur makor prati akarshan barhi ahile. Haitu maak janiu dine dine dhunia hai ahile. Kiya janu mur bayakhial tiruta bur besi bhal lagisile. Moi Higher Secondary 2nd yaar paluhi aru kandarpar maku 38 basarat bhari dilehi.Edin kiba kamot tekhet amaar gharat ahisil aru bahirate bahi katha pati asile. Kiya janu seidina moi taik alop beleg dharanar jen lagisil. Tekhetear prati mur akarshan janmiba dharile. Biraat dhunia lagisil. Ejani sundar nari habaloi ji prayujanata sakalu asil teur tate. Phindhan uran khuj katal adiye muk durbal kari tulile. Kandarpae make seidina mekhela chador ajur pindhi ahisil. Bengunia rangar kapahi mekhela chador jurere tekhetak ati sundar lagisil. Lagate ata eke matching bengunia blouse pindhisil. Ati niyarikoi bandha khupatu aru sendurar ranga fut tuwe tekhetak ati sundar kari tulisil. Tekhetak mur bar dhunai lagi gaisil seidina. Teu jen moi bisari thaka mur sapunar tirutajani. Bahirar barandate bahi katha pati asil aru moi aan ata roomar pora khirkire pardar fakere teuk sabaloi dharilu aru teur soundarjya upabhug kariba dharilu.

Seidina mur rati tupani nahile, Kandarpar makor chabi khan sakur agat bhahi thakile. Oh, ki apurup sundari teu. 38 basar bayakhatu teu kunu 18 basaria suwalitke kam nahai. Teur kumal masrin baga dehtut chador khan kiman sundarkai meriyai thaisile. Tekhetar blouse or dingituwe jen teur gal aru pithikhan aru sundar kari tulisilu. Teu biraat dhunia hai sasakoye, sakujurit premor madakota, uth jurit tirbiruwa hahi dhariye muk pagol kari tulisil. Moi kaba nuwarokoi mur lingatu suba dharilu aru ajaan siharan ati anubhav karilu. Moi sakujuri muji teuk bhabiba dharilu. Teur dehar bhajburar maje maje nijak kalpana karilu, mur lingadale teur prati jagi utha akarshanar sahari janaba dharile. Lingatuweo jen teur prati akarshhita habaloi dharile. Moi jurere saku muji mur lingatuk teur prati uthi hai kamonar upabhug labaloi sahayar haat barhalu. Moi uttejito hai parilu aru mur lingadaaleu pratham baror babe kandarpor makor babe sanmati janale.

Ratipuwa huwar lage lage moi teur gharaloi buli dhapoli melilu aru ebaar darshan karar hepahere. Moi teuk sabaloi sasakoi bar mon gol. Moi teulukar ghar goi palugoi. Gatekhan khuli thakutei durat mur mararamor tirutagaraki dekhi bhal lagil. Moi lage lage ata siharan anubhav karilu. Sakalu pahori teuk ro lagi saba dharilu. Ki apurba sundar ei nari. Teu kali amaar gharat pindhi aha bengunia kapur xaaj meli asile. Bengunia mekhela, bengunia chador aru lagate bengunia blouse tu meli thaisile. Moi teuk saboloi dharilu. Teu moi bhabar dare bega petticoat tu juwa kali pindhi ahisile, kiyanu seitu mela asile. Moi juwakali thike kbhabi bhabi moja loisilu, kiyannu moi baga petticoat pindha buliye dharana kari laisilu. Teu taar pisat baltir pora baga brassier tu uliyai meliba dharile, sei drishya dekhi jen mur deh tu jikar khai uthile. Muloi akanu laaj nakari mur sanmukhate teu brassier tu tani tani meli dile. Moi chance te brassier tur design tu manat rakhi thalu, rati bhabute kamot ahiba. Moi teuk sai sai gate paar hai teur kakhat ahi palu. teu muk hahi sambhashan janale aru kale putek nai alop ulai gaise, muk bahibaloi kale drawing roomot.

Moi kalu: "Khuri tenehale nabahu neki. Pisat ahim"
Khuri: "Toi Boh, si ahi paba alop pisat"
Moi: "Thik ase khuri. Khura nai neki"
Khuri: "Ase, pispine kiba kaam kari ase. Moi saah ekap anugoi"
Moi: "Nai nai nalage khuri, moi khaye ahisu."
Khuri: "Nahai moiu ekaap kaam"

Ei buli koi khuriye mur sanmukhate drawing room tu alop sijil kariba dharile. Kandarpar makok aru alop deri sabaloi pai moi nijake dhanyabaad dilu. Mur sakur sanmukhate ei nariye jen nijar sundar sutham deh tu pradarshan kariba dharile. Khurik ajiu bar dhunia lagisil. Ga tu dhui uthar babe bor fresh dekhaisil. Sulit shampoo karisil budhhai, gamusa ekhanere mur tu bandhi thaisile. Sundar mukh khanit sendur labaloi atiyau baki ase. Mekhela chador pindhi asile ajiu khurie. Mur mekhela chadorere tiruta maiki burak bar bhal lage. Kiya janu mekhela chadore maiki sreni tuk bar sundar kari tule. Aru jadi alop middle aged maikiye pindhe tetiya aru dhunia hai pare. Kandarpar maak seyar exact math. Mekhela chador narire deh tu sundarkoi pradarshan kare.

Khuriye Ajur Kola baga combinatior mekhela chador pindhisile. Mekhela khan kola rangar buwa kapurar, tate saru saru ranga , baga aru seujia ful gutha ase. Blouse tu jeljelia cotton kapurar aru talat ata boga brassier pindhisile.pispinor poratu sampurna jiliki uthisil brassier tu. Hookot lagi thaka tag tu prajyanta parhiba para hai asile. Sanmukhar faltu jeniba kina synthetic kapurar sador khan fold kari kori dhaki thaisile. Ahhh sasakoi ki sundar lagisil. Khuriye ebar dubar safa kariba hali jaute moi sadoror sidere bukukhan suwar bhagya ghatil. uff eya ki, blousor sanmukhar fale tu blouse or kapur tu naikiar nisinai hai asile. akol brassier tu jiliki asile, Ei drishya dekhi mur linga daal jaap mari uthile. Itimadhye khurir safa kara hai gaisile aru bhitaroloi sumai gol. Budh hoi mur babe chah anibaloi. Moi ro lagi khurir pithikhonoloi sai thakilu aru mekhelare dhaki thuwa dhunia mangahaal tapina dudhari sai tripti laabh karilu. Alop pisat khuri hatot sahor tray loi ulai ahile. oh my god, teuk eibaar agat koiu besi sexy lagisile, kiyanu murat bandhi thuwa gamusakhan khuli pelaisile aru adha bhija adha sukuwa sulibur meli thaisile. Dhunia kola dighal suli khini mur maramor bandhur makor tol pithiloi pori asile, aru logote sadoror bhaj bur atarai eibar sador khan meli laisile. Kandarpar makor mukhaoloi lubh laga sawoni atare sabaloi dharilu, sailaakh soundarjyar devi teu, mukhat eku make up naxana ajani 38 basaria maiki janik kunu falor pora karubaar maak jen laga nasile. teu jen ajani 16 basaria gabharu he. Imaan simple mukh khani, imaan dhunia teu. Teur boga mukhakhani sendur bulai ahisile sirat aru kopalot ata dhunia sendurar phoot. Sendur luwar pisat teu aru besi dhunia dekhat hai ahise. teuk sai thakiye bhal lagsile, mon karisile gutei jiban ei sundarik sai thakim. Manuhjanir mukh kahniye sabo ne sarir tuwe sabo, eku kam nasile. Mur antarat teur prati bikhan kaam baxana jagi uthile. Teuk suba man gol, feel karibo mon gol. Mur kakhaloi ani teuk alop derir babe nijar kari loba mon gol. Teu sagoi tene eku bhaba nasile, kintu mur ji kunu prakare kandarpar makok khaba mon gol. Gutei manuh garakik khai xekh kari diba man gol. Khurik bikhan sabatiboloi mon gaisile, chah cup muloi agbarhai nijeu ekap loi khaba dharile aru tv tu on kari teu saboloi dharile. Moi sei chance te teur deh tur moja mur sakure labaloi dharilu. Chah khuwar pisat khuri ulai gol aru moiu khirkire bahiroloi sai pathiyalu. Khuriye gharar itu situ kaam kari asile. Moi pardaar fakere teuke sai thakile, teu eku gam napale, moi tv sai thaka buli bhabile aru nijar kamot byasta hai gol. Kunu nathakar chance loi moi lahe lahe hatere mur bari paat suba dharilu. Moi bhabiba dharilu jen teuk moi thiya hai pisfalor pora sabati dharisu. khuriye sutalat thiya hai kiba kari asile. Moi teuk sai thaka buli alopu gam nepale, moi sahas kari eibaar mur daal pura ulai anilu aru teuk sai sai haat mariba dharilu. Moi fantasy karilu jen moi teuk pisfalor pora thiya hai mur bari daal teur kola mekhelat ghahi asu. Mur haat teur dunbahut dhari asu aru mukh khan ni teur galot pihi disu. Baaaaaaaaasssss ...eye mur karone bahut asile. Mur ulai ahile maal pani loge loge. Maal pani ulai thauketei khurir mekhelar talor baga petticoat tu dekhi juwat aru moja palu. Khurik live sai sai haat mari biraat moja lagile. teu matro mur pora das foot maan he durat asile. ene lagisile jen teuk sasai kari asilu. Mur maal pani gutei drawing roomot sitiki parile aru pardatu parile. Alop bhai khalu, kapur sapur thik kari maat lagalu..

Moi: Khuri eii dekhun nahilei.
Khuri: o deri hol dekhun
Moi: Moi jau diyak pisat ahim
Khuri: Nai bah ahi pabohi, TV ke sai thaak

Mur eifale dhara pori jau buli bikhan bhai lagisile. Moi nai nalage diyok buli kai tatkhanat jabo dharilu. Enete mur bahirot meli thuwa kapur bur dekha palu. Seibur dekhi mur akou khurik seibur pindhuwai loi sudiba man ngol . Kintu monot bhayu asile. Enete teur meli thuwa brassier tu sakut parile. Mur tur bukur size tu janiba bikhan mon gol. Moi budhi ata uliyalu. Moi ujati khuwar bahana banai pari galu aru uthute alop samai laguwalu aru brassier or size tu parhi lalu. Hai mur anumaan thikei asil teur brassier size tu. Khuri bar ata sakut nasil sei samayal. Slime asile. Kintu buku khan bor niputol asile jihetu cup size tu dangorei asile. O, thikei 34 C. Gatu saru kintu breast dhunia size or asil. Teur brassier size tu jani mur biraat bhal lagile aru furtire ghar gusi ahilu.

Lahe lahe higer secondary final examor usar palehi. Parhat mon diba lagiya hol. Kandarpa aru moi tution lolu mathsor, gharar kakharei dada ejane class lole, Diganta da. Teu bachellor asile aru akole saru ata room loi asile. Teur gharat subidha nathakar karone amaar ba kandarpar gharate ahi parhuwar katha thik karile aru sekhat khurir gharate thik hol. Mur mantu anandat nasi uthile. Atiya sadai khurik dekhiboloi paam. Teur soundarjya upabhag kariboloi paam buli bhabi biraat furti palu.

Bhaba matei kaam hol. Ami teulukar gharat tution kariba arambha karilu. class sekh halei moi 4 ta maan bajat gai pau aru khurir lagat bahi katha batara hai. Tution 5 tat arambha hai, Diganta da u ahi jai sunkalei, kintu kandarpar aru ata tution thake karone alopp deri hoi. Moi khurir moja loba dharilu , teur dehar bhaje bhaje moi bhabi bilin hoi jau. Dhuniyakoi bandha khupa tu datere kamuri di khuli diba man jai ketiya. Dundin maan suli khulakewu teuk dekhisili, ki sundar dighal wavy kola sulitari teur. Pithir taloloike pora suli khinit mur mukh khan sumuwai diba man gaisil. Blouse or dhak khai thaka pithikhan suli khini side kari suma khaba man gaisil. Sadai teu gharuwa mekhela chadorei pindhi thakisil aru teuk ati dhunia dekhisil. Alankaru tekhete kamei pindhisile aru sei babe aru kamuk dekhisile. Dingit adal sunar chain, kanot simple kanfuli aru hatot dupat maan sunar kharu. Suhataor index fingerot ata dhunia angathi. Moi seibur monot kari loisilu aru rati khurir saite sudar katha bhabute seibur khuli diya bhabisilu. Mekhela chador jur pindhile teur akol dingir pispine alop ulai thaikisil aru pet tu dekha pai thakisilu. Talor boga petticoat alop alop ulai thaisil. Mur karone rati bhabi haat mariboli seye jathesta asile.

Seidina moi tutionor karone jaldi gaisilu. Bahirat diganta dar cycle khan dekhi gam palu teu ahi paisehe. Moi gharaloi sumai galu. Eku sar sabda nuhuwa dekhi moi bhitarar room ataloi sumai galu, jat ami tution karu. Kisumaan adbhut sabda hunat moi asarit halu, moi ami tution kara roomtur khirki khanare lahe koi bhitaraloi sai pathialu. He raam eya moi ki dekhilu, moi nijar sakuke biswas kariba taan palu. Diganta dai khurir saite aibur ki karise, khuriue nijak gatai dise diganta dar hatat nijar lubhaniya dehtu. Diganta dai khurir soundarjya upabhug kari asil, kakhar bisanat khurik suwai loi nijeu khurir kakhat sui khurik epar suma jasi asile. Khurir gale mukhe diganta dai suma khai asile, si jen sakalu pahori gaisil sei muhurtat. Diganta dai khurir mukhat nijar mukh lagai bart triptit khurik supiba dharisil. Tar suhaat khane khurir ranga parir kapahi sadorkhanar uparare khurir dehat bisaran kari furisil. Khurieu jen tripti labh karisil, diganta dak sahajug kari khurireu bar triptire nijar jibhakhan tar mukhat sumuwai di supuwai thakile. Diganta dar haat khan khurir dehtur uparat bisaran kari kari aibar teur bakhyajugalar uparat haat dilehei, ufff ki dhunia drishya aiya. Mur tution sire mur maramar bandhur matrir saite kara ai lila dekhi moi bar uttejito hai uthilu. Mur bujiba baki nathakil kiya diganta da sadai sunkale ahe. Aji moi dughanta agatei ahi paisilu aru budhhai moi imaan sunkale ahim buli bhaba nasile aru seye duyue param amej upabhug kari asile. Khuriye dehar eku kapurei khula nasile aru diganta daiy sakalu pindhiyei asile. Budha hai ami ahi paam buliye tenekoi uparere kari asile. Baru ji ki nahauk moi kintu biraat moja paisilu khurik tenedare dekhi. Diganta dai aibaar khurir bao pinar piyah tu sadorar uparere suhatere muthi mari dile, khuriye anandat nijar meli thuwa bhari dukhan kusai lale aru mukhere dighalkoi ukha ata lale. Diganta dai lahe lahe khurir bao piyah tut tipiba dharile, aru jibhare khurir kanor taluwar pora arambha kari dingi aru kandhat seleki jaba dharile. Khuriye nijar bao haat khan ani diganta dar suhat khan rakhai diba sesta dile jadiu teu jen tene kariba nibisarile. Khuriye nijar bhari dukhan kusuwai diye akou meli diye kariba dharile aru mukhare moan kariba dharile. Bhari khan uthuwa namuwa kari thaka babe khurir boga petticoat aru nila kola phool basa ranga mekhela khan alop uparaloi uthi ahisile, aru khurir dhunia kolaful dudhari ulai parisile, aaahhhh ki dhunia kolaful juri teur, gakhirar nisina boga bhari dekhan dekhi mur pani ulao ulao hol. Moi pantor chain daal khuli mur baari daal uliya lolu aru khurik sai sai mur bari daal muhari di thakiba dharilu. Mur montut anandat bhari parile, khurir nagna dehtu upabhug kariba paam buli. Diganta dai aibaar khurik talat loi teur dehar uparat uthi lale aru duhatere jurere sabati dharile. Diganta dai khurir thuturi aibaar mukhat sumuwai loi supa ata mari dile. Kapurar uparere jen diganta dai nijar barir daal khurir mekhelat hesiba dharile. Mur asarit lagil, khuriye diganta daak kiya nijar deh tu gatai dise, ajani 38 basariya mahilai 25 basariya deka ejanar hatuwai kiya suduwai ase. Diganta dai pagolor nisinakoi khurik sabati dhari jur jur koi sabda kari gale mukhe suma khaisile. Khurir jen sambit ghuri ahile. Khuriye nijake digantar sabatar pora atarai anile aru bisanat thiya hai nijar mekhela sador jur thik kariba dharile. Mekhela khan alop tani eruwai bhaldare pindhi lale. Sador khan akou tani ni bhaldare bandhi lale agaraki bhadra mahilar dare.Aru lahekoi diganta dar kakhat bahi dile. Mur pise seibur dekhi already pani ulai parisile.

Khuriye bisanat bahi suli khini meli dile aru faniyai faniyai diganta daak sudhile:
khuri: saah khabi?
Diganta da: nakhau baidew, beleg kiba ata he kaam (hahi kale)
khuri: khuwalu dekhun imaan deri, piyah napalal? khuriye hahi kale
Diganta da: apunak khai aru piyah polaba pare neki khirada baidew. - aibuli koi diganta dai akou khurik tani ani sabati dharile.
Khuri: sao err ihate ahi paba
Diganta da: imaan jaldi nahe. sihatar class chali ase tu - aiye koi diganta dai nijar mukh khan khurir bukut ghahiba dharile
Khuri: err na, ihate dekhile sarbanaakh haba.

sarbanaak tu haisilei. Moi khuri hatar katha gam palu. Diganta da aru khurir je joun sambhadha saliba dharise, moi gam pai alu. seikaronei sahge tution or bahana karisile.

Priyanka Baur Morom

The story I am narrating is a real incident involving myself and Priyanka the daughter in law of my relative landlord. Their family consist of Priyanka ,her husband aged 42 years who is a established businessman, their 6 yr old daughter and parent in-laws. They all love me very much and I use to call Priyanka as Bou in assamese society. I was staying with them for last 7 years and never looked at her as symbol of sex. She is 26 yrs old, wheatish, slim, beautiful assamese housewife of height 5ft 6inches and myself have no idea of her body statistics as I never looked her that way.
Their house is a two story building with two part houses and I stay with them in one of their upper parts. As they are distant relative, the sometimes call me to have food with them as I found cooking boring and readily accept them.
Sometimes Priyanka bou comes to my room to offer food from the common balcony and never venture to my room without knocking. One day the landlord (relative mama) came to my room and informed me that he , mami and ranju dada (Priyanka husband) is going to guwahati to attend the opening ceremony of computer showroom they have recently acquired and ask me to look after their daughter-in-law and grand- daughter. Next day they went in the morning and I asked bou whether she need any marketing to be done as I can do them after office work as the market is near my work place. In reply she asked me to bring some paneer and have dinner with them. After returning from work I handed the paneer to her and have tea. Then I came to my room and get bath and started to do some pending office work. At around 9.30 pm, Priyanka bou called me for dinner and I went to their house wearing a T-shirt and Bermuda as it was hot summer. Upon arriving at her house she quickly offered meals as her daughter is feeling sleepy and she went to her bedroom to make her sleep. I was eating my food at the dining hall and a big passage to her bedroom is decorated with designer glass panes and one can view the bedroom through this glasses. In hurry she forget to bolt the door from inside and I was astonished to see her undressing the cotton sari and wearing the nighty. After 15 minutes she came to the dining room after making her daughter sleep and asked me if I need any food to which I reply negative. I felt some horny and my penis was full erect to 9 inches in length and swollen to 3.5 inches in girth and bulge can be seen on my Bermuda. She didn’t noticed it and I hurriedly went to the other room to hide my bulge and was sitting in the sofa watching Star TV. By the time 20 minutes passed and the bulge in my pant disappear and she finished her meals and was carrying the plates to wash basin as they have two servants at day time. Suddenly there was load shedding and all the lights went off and she sounded me to sit at the sofa. She went to her bedroom and found the torch and come out asking me to help her to put off the main switch and start the honda generator in the balcony. While showing the location of power switch she stumbled upon me and a shivering ran over my body. She felt ashamed as i can see her face in the faint light of the torch. I get aroused and hugged her with a force and she was yelling and literally cried to leave her as she is happily married. Surprisingly of my age and position, I have no earlier sex experience and started doing to her the way I have seen in the blue films which I enjoy at my male colleagues homes on holidays. I lifted her in my arms and laid her in the sofa and suddenly the light came on. I was aroused and my penis was full erect to prick her. I kissed her in the lips, forehead down to neck. She loosened her body and I start caressing her tits and fondling the white boobs as both my hand can fully cover her boobs.This went on for about 5 minutes and I lifted her nighty to waist and tore her pink panty and started licking her vagina. She closed her eyes and sounding ooh, aah…….continuously.
Now I made her to stand and took the gown out and she opened the hook of her bra and I started sucking her milky breasts with brown nipples continuously. She may be weighing 45 -50 kg & of 26 years age and I undressed myself of my pant and T-shirt and I lifted one of her legs on my shoulder in standing position and inserted my penis in one thrust. She shouted in pain and joy and continued fucking her for 30 minutes mercilessly. In doing so she hugged me tightly and I am caressing her boobs and buttocks alternatively. Then we parted & I cummed a lot and my penis shrinked.She ran to the bathroom to clean herself and closed the doors for 7-8 minutes crying inside. I sensed guilty of mine and begged her to come out. After a pause she opened the door & I held her hand and make to sit her in the sofa. She was still naked and on seeing her my penis got erect. Seeing this she smiled and I laid her on the floor and parted her legs. I kissed and sucked her whole body and I bit slightly on her white boobs and left marks there. She sounded me a warning If her husband come to know and see the marks to which I laughed.She took my penis and started stroking and I responded by fondling her breast. I asked her to take my penis and insert into her tight vagina to which she said that she was never fucked by her husband in that way as his penis is smaller to me by 5 inches. I forceful inserted my penis and drip of blood fallen in the floor. I make passionate kisses and she was hot again . I fucked her in that position for 35 minutes and she begged me that she cant take any more. We both cummed at the same time and her pussy was reddish and filled with cum. Then we rested for 1 hour and I fucked her in doggy style.That night I fucked her 5 times and retired to my room in 5 am morning as the neighbors may come to know. That next seven days we fucked everywhere in the house in the vagina,ass,mouth by viewing porn VCD’s and imitating the scenes and she revealed that her safe periods are over and she want to mother my child.She said that her husband is suffering from erectile dysfunction and she will divorce him for me. I consoled her and stop to take this drastic step as she has a daughter child and the society will view it seriously when she grows up and ready for marriage. Our sex adventure ended when her husband came back with parents and stayed all day at home. Later on she missed her periods and she revealed that she is carrying my child.
A week ago I am transferred to Dibrugarh and I left their home and all bid me hearty good bye and I noticed the eyes of Ritu bou was wet with tears in the balcony. Nowadays I make telephonic calls and inquire them about their well being. Priyanka bou & I have finalized that If it is male child his name will be Swagat.

কিবতাৰ কুম্লীয়া বুকু

কবিতা গুৱাহাটীৰ এটা ব্যক্তিগত প্রতস্থানৰ ৰিচেপচনিস্টতাইক দেখিলে যিকোনো পুৰুষৰ মনলৈ কামনাৰ ধল আহে। তাইৰ লগত মোৰ চিনা্কি এজন বন্ধুৰ যোগেদি। তাই গুৱাহাটিত এটা ভাড়া ঘৰত আৰু এজনী বান্ধৱীৰ সতে থাকে। মোৰ অফিচৰ কাষতে তাইৰ অফিচ। আমাৰ প্রায়ে হয়। মই জনাত তাইৰ কোনো বয় ফ্রেন্ড নাই। আমাৰ মাজত প্রায় ধেমালিতে কামোৰ দিয়া দি থাকে। কেতিয়াবা সীমা চেৰাই যায়।
তাই দেখাত থিক ব’গা নহয়, বুকু খন ৩২ জোঙ্গা নাক, ক্ষিণ ওখই প্রায় ৫ ফুট ৪ ইঞ্চি। চুলি খিনি কোমল ফিৰ-ফিৰিয়া আৰু চিধা। হাত- ভৰিৰ আঙ্গুলি বোৰ লিহিৰি লিহিৰি, ভৰিৰ আঙ্গুলিত আঙ্গঠি পিন্ধেনখবোৰ চুটি প্রায় ক’লা নেইল পলিশ বব্যাহাৰ কৰে। চকুত কাজল নিয়মীয়াকৈ লয়। নাকত সৰু ফুলি এটা পিন্ধে। সধাৰণতে তাই ৱেস্টাৰন  ফৰমেল পিন্ধে। মুঠতে প্রথম দেখাতে তাইক সেক্সী বুলি ক’ব পাৰি।
সেইদিনা শনীবাৰ আছিল। সময় প্রায় সন্ধ্যা ৭ বাজো বাজো। আমাৰ অফিচ চুটি কেতিয়াবাই হ’ল। কিন্তু এজাক বৰষুণে ঘৰলৈ যাব নোৱাৰা কৰি পেলাছিল। প্রয় ৭-৩০ মানত বৰষুণ এৰিলত ঘৰলৈ বুলি যাবলৈ বাইক স্টাৰত দিবলৈ লৈ দেখিলো ৰাস্তাত এককাল পানী। কি কৰো ভাবি থাকো্তেই কোনোবাই মোৰ নাম কাঢ়ি মতা শুনিলো। ঘূৰি চাই দেখো কবিতা। পিন্ধি থকা স্কাৰটটো আঠু লৈ্কে কোচাই এহাতত চেন্দেল আৰু বেগ লৈ আসহায় হৈ মোক মাতিছে।
“জিতদা আপুনি ঘৰলৈ যাবনেকি? চাওকচোন বৰষোণৰ মাজত কি কৰো ভাবি পোৱা নাই! অফিচ চুটি কেতিয়াবাই হ’ল আকলে আকলে বাৰান্দাত ৰৈ আ’টো লৈ বাট চাই থাকোতে ইম্মান দেৰি হ’ল”
“এৰা! মই ঘৰলৈ যাব ওলাইছো, তুমি জানো ইম্মান পানীত আ’টো পাবা?”
“জানো! ইফালে ৰুম মেট জনীও নাই, ঘৰলৈ গৈছে! আপুনি বেয়া নাপায় যদি মোক আল’প আগবঢ়াই দিবনেকি?”
“থিক আছে ব’লা।“
কবিতাক বাইকত তোলি মই লাহে লাহে পানীৰ মাজেৰে আগবাঢ়িবলৈ ধৰিলো। তেনেতে পিচফালৰ পৰা আহা গাঢ়ি এখনে আমাৰ গাত পানী চটিয়াই পাৰ হৈ গ’ল। দুয়ো তিতি জুৰুলি জুপুৰি হ’লো।
প্রায় ১ ঘন্টাৰ পিচত আমি গৈ কবিতাৰ ৰুম পালো। তেতিয়াই আকৌ শিলাবৃস্টি আৰম্ভ হৈছিল। মই কি কৰো থিক কৰিব নোৱাৰি থমকি ৰলো। তেনেতে কবিতাই ক’লে
“জিতদা বৰষুণ জাক বেছি জোৰকৈ দিছে, আপুনি ভিতৰতে আলপ ৰৈ দিয়ক।“
মই ভিতৰলৈ তাইৰ পিছে পিছে গলো, লাইট টো জলাই তাই ভিতৰলৈ গ’ল। অলপ সময়ৰ পিছত হাতত এখন টাৱেল লৈ পুনৰ আহিল। তেতিয়াহে মই তাইক ভালকৈ দেখিলো। তাই সম্পূণ ৰূপে তিতিছিল। তাইৰ আঠুৰ অলপ তলত পৰা স্কাৰ্টটো তাইৰ সুদৌল নিতাম্বত লিপিত খাই পৰিছে। তাইৰ সুগঢ়ি নিতাম্বই
তাইৰ খোজত আন্দোলিত হৈ এক ল’হৰ তুলছে। তাইৰ বগা কামিজটো তিতি গুলপীয়া বক্ষ্ব বন্ধনী জিলিকি পৰিছে।
তেনেতে তাইৰ চকুৱে চকুৱে পৰা্ত তাইৰ গাল দুখান লাজত ৰঙ্গা পৰি গল, আৰু মোক ক’লে
“ আপুনি গাটো মোচি লওক মই আপুনাক পিন্ধিবলৈ কিবা এটা দি আছো।“
সেই বুলি তাই পুনৰ ভিতৰলৈ গ’ল। মই দেখিলো যে তাইৰ গাৰ পৰা পনী পৰি মজিয়াখন পিচল হৈ পৰিছে। তেনেতে তাই ভিতৰৰ পৰা হাহি হাহি হাতত এখন দাংগৰ গামোচা লৈ মোৰ ফালে আহিল,
“ জিতদা আপুনাক পিন্ধাবলে মোৰ ৰূমত এখনৰ বাহিৰে একো নাই, আধা নাংথা হৈ থাকিব লাগিব ......।“
“মই লাজ নকৰো, পিছে তোমি নকৰি্লেই হ’ল”
মই তাইৰ পৰা গামোচা খন লওতে তাইৰ ফুৰফুৰীয়া গাৰ গো্নধাটো মোৰ নাকত লাগিল।

Mausumi Bora's Sex Adventure

 This time my muse was a neighborhood lady whom I had my eyes on for quite long time.
Guess it would be around 3-4 months during which we made only eye contacts and exchanged some inviting smiles. I was not sure whether to take a plunge so that it’s very early to make advances although there was this sense of urgency prevailing always in the back of my mind. I was staying at a terrace apartment adjoining to another 2 storied house.
She used to come to her terrace to dry clothes or to take an evening stroll. I would keep my window open which was right in front of her terrace. Let me describe her a bit here. As a disclaimer, folks who like middle aged ladies would appreciate the description, others might as well do like. I presumed her to be in her mid-Thirties or late thirties; between 35-39 years of age.
She had nice straight and long hair,  which would rest on her back all the time as she walked. Looking at their house it seemed they were quite wealthy – 2 storied house with a lobby, 2 mid-size sedans parked in the lobby. She would wear sleeveless tops and pajamas. At times she would also wear kurta with salwar or tight leg ins. I saw her wearing saree and mekhela sador also sometimes.
I watched her a lot i.e. 3-4 months. She was physically endowed. She was  quite fair but had this glow on her skin which would hide her real age. I took a guess. Her breasts would be at least 34” with little weightage on her waist; although waist wouldn’t be more than 32”-33”. And to end it with big round butts of around 36” mounted on a couple of round, fleshy thighs.
I would remain glued to the window whenever she came to terrace. It didn’t take her long to realize that I was watching her. I followed all the regular timings to her to come to the terrace if I was at home. While drying clothes she would bend down to pick up stuff and I used to get a full view of her boobies through the tops or kurtas she wore.
She wouldn’t wear a bra some times as her nipples could be seen standing erect from inside with her wet clothes stuck to the body. Her name was Mausumi Bora. On one summer weekend evening I was getting ready go to out. I had this habit of changing clothes with my windows open as I used to stay in the terrace apartment where no one would come.
And the only house next my window was her. I removed all my clothes as I noticed she came to the terrace. She must have taken a late shower as she came to dry her wet hair. As soon as I noticed her I just forgot that I was naked. I went near the window and kept watching her as she was making her hair wearing a nice sleeveless kurta.
I was enjoying her cleanly shaven arm-pits as she raised her hands to tie the hair. The short kurta was thigh length and she was wearing a tight white leg in. Her awesome fleshy thighs were neatly wrapped inside the stretching piece of cloth. Near her waist where the kurta had cut on each sides, her panty line was visible with a nice glimpse of round butts inside.
Ah! That was an incredible sight to enjoy. I was left standing on the window, stark naked with my penis erect and hard as wood and with a few drops of pre-cum at the tip of it. Suddenly she looked at my window and noticed me. I was dumb-stuck to make a move and kept on standing there and ogling her. She looked shocked for a while and tried to look the other way but turned her face towards me again.
This time with an embarrassing smile and a curious look. I smiled back at her. Now it was a deliberate attempt on my part to act normal even though I was caught red handed. She left the terrace after few moments that evening but not before giving me some looks and smiles. I felt my initial point was scored. I wanted to move to the next level as she was comfortable with my nudity.
Later on I came to know that she had a son was studying in 12th class, her daughter was studying in a Class 10th. Her husband was working in senior position in a nationalized back somewhere in Lakhimpur. From now on it used to be these naked fashion shows and exchange of smiles for the next few days before I decided to step up.
I was getting bit anxious by the time consumed in seducing her and wanted things to move faster. I wrote my cell number in a piece of paper, wrapped it around a stone with a sparkling gift paper so that it’s notice and threw it on to her terrace in one evening. I was just hoping for her to come so no one else could find it.
I had this gut feeling that it’ll be only her to pick that up first as hardly anybody else used to come to the terrace. And things worked out exactly the way I wanted it to be. She came to the terrace alone in that evening and immediately noticed my sending. She unwrapped the paper and looked at my window hesitantly where I was waiting but this time in clothes!
I was anxious to see her reactions. But she smiled as she saw me standing at the window with an eager look. Perhaps, she had this fear of somebody else noticing of sending the paper. I asked to call me at the cell number in sign language. She immediately went inside, not to the house, but stayed at the stair case to the terrace from where my window could be seen and called at my number.
I took the call quickly and we talked for some time looking at each other from a distance. She asked my name, where do I work, my age, whether I have a girl friend or not and lot of other things. I asked her few things too. She hung up saying she had to go downstairs as child would come home any time. But we agreed to meet the next day afternoon.
I was overjoyed with mixed feelings that evening. The next day when my time was running at really slow pace, she called me up around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. She was free and we could meet up. Mausumi asked me to come near Ganeshguri little away from our place so that no one notices us together.
I quickly got ready and left for the place. She came little late than her expected arrival time, although she was apologetic about it. I understood the reason for the delay as she had to travel alone in public transport which she was not her habit. We went to a nearby shopping mall in my old style Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350 and sat for an hour or two in a CCD outlet.
She was cautious although gleaming with an impish grin her luscious lips. She wore a sleeveless off-white cotton kurta with beige leg ins and a pair of slippers. She had her hair tied up on top with a brooch. Smelling a beautiful fragrance because of the expensive perfume she used and looking astonishingly glamorous and hot. I was devouring her with both my eyes as we chatted.
She clearly noticed that my eyes were gazing through each centimeter of her delicious figure. Because of the light cotton kurta, her white bra line was clearly visible. I could see her clean arm pits at times when she raised her hand to fix hair. I wanted to take her in my arms so desperately. We became quite comfortable chatting with each other as our hands; other body parts would brush with each other.
I asked her directly whether she has an active sex life at this age. She said her husband has lost the vigor to continue for long now-a-days. Mostly it’s little bit of fore play and then a quickie to end it all before retiring to bed at night. She hasn’t had a wild encounter in quite a long time. I sympathized with her in reply and started telling her my preferences on bed when she asked me.
I told her “I can tell you a hundred things but it’s actually sweeter when I perform these actions on you!” Her eyes gleamed with an agreeing smile. I got my expected response. I wanted to take her away for an overnight trip but she couldn’t manage it with everybody at home. So we decided to make it happen in a hotel room. I said I will take care of the booking.
She was cautious about the hotel I choose and I assured it will be a good one. We only had one afternoon to spend together and a lot happened over a cup of coffee! As the CCD punch line says!!
We decided to go to a resort in the out skirts of Guwahati in one weekend. I was nervous at the same time overjoyed with sense of pleasure running all over. We met at the same place and we reached the resort on my beauty ‘Classic 350’. We spent an hour at the swimming pool. She wore a capri and a top. Clearly she didn’t want to show much of her skin to others.
I was happy nonetheless since I was waiting to see her completely in no time. Since she wore that capri I could see her bare legs below knee for the first time. She must have waxed the previous day as her legs were smooth and looked fairer as got into the pool. I could clearly see the shape of boobies through her wet dress; her butts were bulging out of the capri.
Then we went to our cottage to change. As soon as we entered the cottage I slammed the door off and pulled her towards me. She was as if expecting the action and readily gave in to me. I grabbed her around waist and planted a soft peck on the cheek. It’s always better to start slow and soft I guess. This eventually yields good response from the partner as well.
In no time my soft kisses turned into long smooches and my hands dug deep inside her capri. I always go for the butts when I’m smooching lady from the front. This gives a very good grip over her body to arouse ladies. My ladies liked this approach before and it was successful this time too. Soon her capri was on her knees with one of my hands titillating her clitoris at the front.
This was the killer punch as she almost leaned over my shoulder and completely rested on my body. I sensed the signal and took her panties off completely. She was still wearing the top. I bent down on my knees in front of her as she stood and started licking her groin and abdomen while gently caressing her butts at the back. She had her eyes shut and started to moan softly.
I wanted to take a deeper plunge and made her lie down on the bed behind. She spread her legs and I saw the opening her pussy. It was covered with trimmed short hair and color of it was pink. Mausumi’s pussy was wet with fluid as I separated the vaginal lips with my fingers. I leaned over and licked her pussy with the tip of my tongue as she responded a louder moaning.
She held my head; started to press my face against her pussy as I licked her faster and harder. My dick was already erect and it was painfully difficult to let it grow inside my undies and shorts. I took them off all at once. I leaned over her again; this time started licking from the navel and gradually moved up while removing her top upwards.
I reached her bra covered boobies this way and she took her top off to help me access her boobies. We were not talking at all; just letting our lips, hand, fingers do the talking. I unhooked her bra and there it was! It was a sight to enjoy. Those melons were too soft and fair with two small pink cherries mounted at the top amidst brownie areola.
I looked at them for a while before touching and then eventually had to take the plunge. My dick was throbbing in all this excitement and I couldn’t any longer to pound her in all her holes. I crawled upwards to let her suck my dick as she lied down. She must have sucked one or multiple dicks throughout her 30 something life and I can bet she was a champion at it.
She exactly knew where to titillate with her tongue-tip. She licked the top rear place of the dick where the foreskin joins with the head and kept on playing with balls caringly. I wished I could cum in her mouth like that but couldn’t resist myself from pounding her pussy. I knew her pussy will be little loose because of her age but it was worthy!
I didn’t use a condom that day as we both trusted each other and I could drop all my love juice inside her hole. I took my penis off her mouth to mount on her pussy. She spread her legs more and kept them near my chest to help me fuck her in missionary position. I almost squatted on her to pound her with full force and saw her boobies swinging up and down with each thrust.
She would moan gently at uneven intervals to let me know of her pleasure. I took her both hands upwards pinning them down on the bed while pounding her pussy with strong and deep strokes. She lied down with her eyes shut, lips opened slightly, moaning softly. I kept on stroking till I was about to ejaculate. I stopped for a while to make it a longer encounter.
As I stopped stroking for a minute, I took that time to lick her nipples to keep her in mood. Once I got my composure back I started stroking again. My dick was covered in her fluid which signaled her orgasm had arrived. Few drops were flowing out of her pussy as I tasted it with my tongue. Aahh!! That was some smell!! My excitement grew bigger and I pounded her for another 5 minutes or so.
She had orgasm twice by that time. I was struggling to hold my cum. Finally I ejaculated inside her with a huge burst of semen. I rested between her boobies while I was cumming and kept on licking her nipples. Manjushree held my head to her body with both hands and her legs locked my waist against her pussy with both legs.
We embraced each other tightly while my dick was throbbing inside her pussy. She smooched me and was licking my tongue. We lied down for a few minutes in that embrace before getting up. We had sex one more time before leaving in the evening that day. We had sex a number of times for the next 3-4 months. I might describe those at a later time provided my readers appreciate this narration.

Gitashree's Hot Body

So, guys, I am a govt.employee from Assam, aged 27 and since last 2 years posted in Duliajan. I am married and have a daughter. Everything was o.k till I came to this place. I was a satisfied person with my engineering job, sex life and kids. Both my kids are doing good in studies and I had nothing more to ask from god.
My sex life was very conventional and after my kids grew up it was restricted to twice or thrice a week with predominantly missionary position and foreplay used to be my sucking nipples and kisses. Me and my about 9 inch tools were satisfied with it. Things started to change when my new friend, Apratim and his family visited my place for a sunday breakfast.
His family comprised of daughter Gitashree, about 5' 6" tall, somewhat dark complexioned but with glowing skin, and looked very attractive in Jeans and tops with a jacket, a son who looked more like a person from other planet and a demure wife. Gitashree is a student in Class 12th.
It was during breakfast that we came to know about their tribal background. I was very much impressed by Gitashree's personality. During our conversation she was candid enough to admit that she was late entrant to education and that she is 18.
Apratim's family asked us about  my daughter explained that his brother is in IIT Delhi to which Apratim scolded his son for not doing his studies. Gitashree was impressed and inquired about coaching. My daughter laughed and said they had never been to any of coaching centre because I used to clear all the concepts. Gitashree's first visit led to many more visits,all alone, and she became good friend of my daughter.
Once Gitashree was at our place and I returned back from my office for lunch a bit early. She was in low waist jeans and a V shaped top of short height about an inch above her jeans and it exposed her belly button and a sexy curvature around it. The curves of her magnificient boobs looked so yummy that I felt a faint sense of excitement down there in my pants.
I controlled my emotions and my daughter informed me that Gitashree wants me to explain few doubts that she is having in maths. I smiled and asked my daughter why she could not explain. During lunch I explained her the basics and must admit that she has excellent grasping power. After this I found myself imagining her naked body and was pleased to have a massive erection and in privacy of bathroom even masterbated ( perhaps first time after my marriage).
I started to observe her more closely and discovered that she possesses so suckable lips, shapely legs etc etc. My desire for her grew but was terrified to make any advance. Her thoughts spiced up my sex life and I started demanding more from my wife and quite often imagined that I am fucking Gitashree.
Then one day my daughter asked me to bring back notes from Gitashree's house on my way back from office. I reached her house. As I was about to press calling bell, I heard Gitashree having a blast at someone. She was speaking in agitated voice, 'you are good at nothing, what was the hurry.' Then a male voice ' you are so hot ki  rokhaboi nuwaru'.
She snarled, ' you provoke my desires and then ufffff you hopeless guy, help me god, now dress up, my parents will be back '. I understood the scenario and could not control my desire to see her immediately. I waited for few minutes and pressed the calling bell. There was pindrop silence inside and it took another five minutes for her to open the door.
She at first was visibly relieved to see me instead of her parents. She was in mini skirt and tops. She must have overlooked while dressing up that she didn't put on her bra, much to my advantage, and her magnificent boobs dangled a bit, her swollen nipples protruded making a small projection on the T shirt, as she stepped back and wished me and welcomed me inside.
I feasted my eyes for those few seconds and as I sat on sofa I asked for water. She turned and as she left the room I ogled at her shapely ass and long legs, though a bit dark but smooth and appeared silky. I again had a mild erection. She took a bit long to return and when she did I was a bit disappointed.
She had brought the notes along with water and I had no business to stay there any further. While drinking water I again feasted my eyes with her raw beauty and got up to leave. She came up-to the gate to see me off. Then one day Gitashree directly approached me to teach her physics. I politely declined but my wife said ' help her, Sangeeta( my daughter) can not teach her'.
I agreed reluctantly and it initiated a chain of incidences. She used to come to our place mostly in jeans and I used to have a peek at her lovely cleavage when she used to bend forward to write. She used to smile while writing and on few occasions when she sat beside me, she rubbed her hands against me . I used to love that and gradually Gitashree opened up with me.
Once she asked me regarding the secret of my shapely body. I laughed and said it is yoga which keeps me in shape. She further added that these days youngsters are after weights, aerobics but as compared to theirs mine is more balanced body. She asked me to suggest few aasans to keep her stomach flat. I told her that she needs to do it in presence of a guru initially and then changed the topic.
I felt she compared me with youngsters and would often compliment me for being better off. It really used to give me pleasure. I was satisfied by the cleavage shows and those occasional accidental rubbing till my family left for Guwahati during Bihu holidays to be with myParent . I could not manage leave so had to stay back. Next day itself, Apratim came to my house with Gitashree.
He requested me to allow Gitashree study at our place as his house is full of relatives and with board exams just 2 months away she can not concentrate in studies. Gitashree even requested me to spare some time to guide her in physics. I had to agree as I could not find any excuse for not agreeing to it.
Apratim thanked me and left and I told him that I would drop her on my way to office and would pick her up while returning and she could study up-to evening 10 or 11. It was already 7:30 a.m and I was late for my yoga. I asked Gitashree to make herself comfortable in Living room and excused myself. Gitashree asked me innocently ' uncle, why don't you teach me few aasans '.
I looked at her, she was in jeans and T-shirt & a pull-over, and laughed. I told her that she can not do yoga with tight fitting clothes. She countered me and said uncle, I am wearing a loose T shirt and shorts beneath this and before I could react she removed her pull-over. She continuously pleaded 'please uncle, please uncle ' at my reluctance and soon she removed her jeans too.
Her shorts was really short and could easily have competed with panties. In those loose tops her boobs stood erect and her shapely long legs stoked fire in my crotch. I felt my dick hardening. I guided her to the room where I practice yoga. I then asked her to sit and came back after changing. I wore my track trousers and despite my best efforts slight bulge persisted.
I showed her how to do ' surya namaskar' and said this would be sufficient for her. I had to touch her to guide her and her her hotness transcended into me making my bulge more prominent.Gitashree was not able to remember all the aasans comprising surya namaskar so I asked her to practice breaking it into simpler exercises.
I stood behind her, barely inches behind her ass and asked her to inhale raising her hands and while exhaling she should bend down without bending her knees. She did it twice and third time she bend herself quickly that I was not able to move back as a result her ass rubbed against my bulge.
It was like a pleasure Tsunami hitting me. I wanted to grind my crotch over her ass but overcame my desire and stepped back. I was uneasy as I was sure Gitashree must surely have felt my hardness but she acted normal. I asked her to repeat this slowly few times without straining herself and sat on other mat to do my normal breathing exercise.
I could not concentrate and my attention was towards her boobs when she stood erect with her hands above her head, and her T shirt would expose her sexy belly button. My desire for her grew exponentially and reflected in my bulge attaining maximum. It really hurt me as my dick revolted and wanted free sky to fly high.
Gitashree perhaps understood my unease and smiled and asked me to show the next step. I had to to stand erect and she surely observed my bulge and giggled. Somehow, I managed to show her the next two steps. She asked me to correct her posture as she did the next two steps. I had to touch her thighs and touch of her silky thighs and positioning her waist was enough for me to be diving deep into ocean of lust.
I asked her to practice slowly and went to privacy of my bathroom. I removed all my clothes and masturbated. I felt relieved after it and thought now I would be able to control myself. I wore my trousers only, covering my top with a towel and returned back to her. I was shocked to see her in just bra and G strings.
Her back was towards me and it was as if she was totally nude to me. My dick reacted and within no time it again stood erect and this time as I was not wearing my jockey it was more than obvious about my inner intentions. Gitashree turned slowly and looked at me and finally her eyes were glued to my erection.
My whole body was burning with desire and I did, what I perceived, the most shameful thing of my life till that day. I lowered my trousers to her and threw the towel. My erect dick saluted her as I removed my trousers and became fully nude. I walked to her and pulled her and kissed her lips and my hands caressed her bare ass. I felt hotness of her entire body and sucked her lips.
I removed whatever little was left from her body. She actively participated and sucked my lips as well. She whispered uncle lets go to bed room and enjoy. We both kept on kissing all the way to bedroom. I pushed her gently over bed and came on her to suck her nipples. She moaned ummmmm aaahhh uncleee ufffff aaaahhhh ooohhhh.
I was so charged up that I just wanted to fuck her. I took out body oil and lubricated my dick. She protested and said ' uncle pls play ufffff noootttttt and I just managed to insert my dick by about an inch and ignored her call for foreplay. I was deep down inside her and started to gently explore her warmth. I licked her nipples and played with it with my tongue.

She was enjoying it but still complained with moans ' uncle thoda ruk jaate aaaaaaahhhhhh toh main aapkaaa ummmmmmm aisay hi ummmmmm suckkk karti haaann uncleeee kammmaar gghummaaa karrrr hhhaaannn aaaissaay hiii'. I grinded her pussy with my gentle thrust, saving my energy for peak moments and replied
'Gitashree, tumar vul, Imman gorom kori dila ebar hat morar pisotu mon nabhoril, Jetia loike tumak morom nakaru tetiloike santi napam, tumi bahut sexy'. I could believe that I spoke these words as all these years I just moaned and my wife and me never talked during sex. Gitashree giggled and kept on encouraging me to go deep down and fuck her nicely.
I then stopped drilling her and asked her ' Gitashree, hosake kuasun tumi boyfriendor logotu kora nohoy janu '. She said ' uncle he Kausik, he tu imman homoy decharged hoi gol  heten'. I gave her few thrusts with some power, shaking her up, and nibbled her nipples and she let out a long moan 'ummmmmm aaaaahh uncleeeeee karoooook naaaaa plsss uffffff robo nuwarisu'.
I stopped again and asked her, ' tumar voy nalage? '. She said ' Voy ! kyo ? '. I sucked her lips and gently squeezed her boobs and said ' Dhora porile '. She giggled and said ' aapunak kune doubt koribo  aaaahhhh uncleeee nakamuribo haaaiiii lahe lahe ufffff aru moi sexxxxx koribo parim  aaahhhh '. I groaned Gitashree at full speed.
She said mmmaahhhhh murrrrrrr aaaahhhh ummmmmmm paniiiiiiiiiiii ulaiseeeee and I picked up speed. The itch around my dick was increasing and I kept on fucking her at rapid pace. Her boobs kept on bouncing from my thrust and she moaned uncleeeeee apunar auntyyyyyyyyyy bahuttttttttt lukcky ufffffffff hodai imman dhuniya aaaa sexxxxxxxxxx paiiiii.
I held her one leg to create more room for myself and rammed her. She was moaning loudly uuuuuugghghhh aaahhhhh ummmmmmmm uncleeeeeeee bussssss oooohhhhhhh ummmmm ahhhhh uuunnccclleeeeeeeeeeee uffffffffff and I felt the alley on which my dick was moving getting narrower and narrower and then hot liquid, as if she urinated, surrounding my dick and flowing in gallons.
I felt I would discharge and I pulled out my dick and she nearly shouted uncleeeee bahiiirt nepelabooooo plsssss vitorot  diyok plssss diyokna. I said condom nai  Gitashree. She said plsssss  uncleeeeee murrrr safeee timeee hoiiiii plsssss diyokkkkkknaaaaaaa uncleeeee ekuuuuuu nahoiiii  uncleeee aahhhh diokkkkkk.
I again entered her in one thrust and resumed pumping her. She hugged me and started licking my face and moaning all at same time. She was uncontrollable now and moaned uncleeee haaannnn chodoooook haaannnnn ummmmmm and I felt her hips was also greedily swallow me.
As I kept on pumping her Nikita suddenly shreiked uncleeeeeee aaahhhh ummmmmmm and her entire body got tensed for few minutes and she hugged me with so power that I found difficult to move. Then she relaxed and I continued my with my remaining journey. I gave her my best shots and had my second ejaculation of the day.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bandhu patnir morom

Sorkari chakri koru. Prayei different district t jua hoi. Kisu din agot Dhemaji goisilu. Mur logot amar colleague er family o ache. Teur ghor Dhemajite. Khali gari jabo heye amar colleague aru tar pura family amar logot loilalu. Tar dangor baideu maa deuta potni aru tar haru baccha. Bolero, driver or  linet  colleague er deutak, 2nd row te tar maak aru dangor baideu aru bachatu. Sobar pisot beg aru malpotror chepa chepite moi aru bandhur patni Simki.

Ac  holeo pisor fale ac tue cover  koribo nuware! Sandhiya ami journey aromva karilu. Guwahatir trafic er ji obostha city par howte howte already 9ta baji gol. Major seatot Khuri aru  baideu tuponi goise. Driver e  gari chalaiche aru khurai ki korise dekha nai. Simki ghoromor babei hok ba bacchartur babei hauk tuponi jua nai. Mur gaat teur gaa lagi ase. Maje maje mur lingatu thiyo hoi jai. Akau haru o hoi jai. Simkiye loratuk gakhir khuaboloi loi ebar mur fale aar chakure sai lole aru tar pisot sarir tolot kechuatuk humuai di gakhir khuaboloi dhorile. Heye moi heifale sua bondha korilu.

Moi nijoke comfortable koriboloi jaute tair bukut mur kakhlotir chap poriboloi dhorile.Tai eku kua nai jadiu ebar "kuhuk" koi kahi dile.Jimanei garir jukaroni bahise himanei ghonai mur hat Simkir bukut theka khaise. Moi tair fale sua nai. Maje maje anubhab korilu jukaroni nakhaleu tai jen mur hatot tair bukukhan ghohai dibo bisarise.

 Kesuatur khua hex hol. Tak kulat loi huabo jotna korise. Kintu tetiau tai blaujar hook logua nai.Moi tair fale sai hahi hahi hat khon pisfale di bohilu aru tair kandhat hat tholu. Jiman bar jukaroni hoi moi issakrita bhabe tair kandhat hat dilu. Eku reaction dekhi moi tair petot sui dilu! Dhemaji pabole aru besi deri nai, ji koribo as iyar majote koribo lagibo!Hakalu tupanit.Simkik jurere dhori tair nipple keita lahe lahe muhari dibole dhorilu! Tai misa appoti korar bahana kori protham hat khon atorabo bisarisil jodiu moi buji paisilu je taiu mone mone takei bisarise. Alop pisot tai kanot fis fisai kole driver e dekhibo, kintu imman andharot heya hamvab nohoy.

oi lahe lahe sadoror uporedi buku khan tipi asilu aru tair dingit suma khai asilu. Simkiye sesta korisil jodiu kulat kesua tu thokar babe mur sumar protyutor dibo pora nasil. Tai lahe koi mur jeans r uporedi mur lingatu sui dile. Bujilu taiu bisarise! Kintu Dhemaji pabor huat duijone kapur thik kori bohi thakilu. Tara tari du jone kapor thik korlam. Moi guest house t thokar kotha asil jodiu khura khurir anurudh pelabo nuwari teu lukor ghoro palugoi.
Muk alohir kuthat hubo diya hol. Roomt humai moi half pent aru t-shirt pindhi lalu. Khaboloi matle, khub kom homoyote Simkiye bahut kiba kibi bonaisil. Mur thik frontote Simki bohise. Hah kori voritu agg borhai dilu. Tair kumal vori kitat mur bhori khunda khale tai alop achorit hoisil. Kintu appoti kora nasil.
Rati sob huar pisot pray 12 man bojat mur bisonar kakhot karubar khujr hobda huni har palu. Amak kunu nariye jurere haboti dhorise. Mur kanot Simkiye fis fisai kole "moi Simki".Tai kebol nighty pindhi asil tolot eku nai.
Simkiye kole je tai bahut din potir sango pua nai. He taik sex koribor homoyot kebol oral sex kori nije khalash hoi hui thake. Tai aru bisare, nijor manuhtuk tai nijor majot haru hoi juwake feel koribo bisare.Koi koi tair kumal uth keita mur uthat guji dile. MOi tai kumal buku khan lahe lahe muhari dilu.Lahe lahe tair nighty tu bhorir uporole kusai anilu tolot bra panty eku pindha naisil. Buku khon hundor kumal. Lahe lahe alfull koi supi dilu.

Tai mur gorom uthor porosh tair nipplet pai uttejito joi uthil. Moi lahe koi tair gulopiya morom loga yuni khonot eta suma khai dilu Tai "UUUffffffffffffffff " Kori kokaltu kosali dile.Tair kumal kumal num burar majere bisari bisari tair yunir vangukarot mur uttapto uthtu guji dilu! tair jaubonor rosh nigori mur jivat lagil..

Uffff ki je swad nimokhiya nimokhiya ...fur furiya gundha tu aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.
Tai lahe koi mur linga tu dhori alfue tair jeevare  morom kori dile..
Tai vori duta meli muk tair yuni supibole kokaltu agborhai dile moi bujilu... moi etia tair vitorot jua bhal..

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