Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gitashree's Hot Body

So, guys, I am a govt.employee from Assam, aged 27 and since last 2 years posted in Duliajan. I am married and have a daughter. Everything was o.k till I came to this place. I was a satisfied person with my engineering job, sex life and kids. Both my kids are doing good in studies and I had nothing more to ask from god.
My sex life was very conventional and after my kids grew up it was restricted to twice or thrice a week with predominantly missionary position and foreplay used to be my sucking nipples and kisses. Me and my about 9 inch tools were satisfied with it. Things started to change when my new friend, Apratim and his family visited my place for a sunday breakfast.
His family comprised of daughter Gitashree, about 5' 6" tall, somewhat dark complexioned but with glowing skin, and looked very attractive in Jeans and tops with a jacket, a son who looked more like a person from other planet and a demure wife. Gitashree is a student in Class 12th.
It was during breakfast that we came to know about their tribal background. I was very much impressed by Gitashree's personality. During our conversation she was candid enough to admit that she was late entrant to education and that she is 18.
Apratim's family asked us about  my daughter explained that his brother is in IIT Delhi to which Apratim scolded his son for not doing his studies. Gitashree was impressed and inquired about coaching. My daughter laughed and said they had never been to any of coaching centre because I used to clear all the concepts. Gitashree's first visit led to many more visits,all alone, and she became good friend of my daughter.
Once Gitashree was at our place and I returned back from my office for lunch a bit early. She was in low waist jeans and a V shaped top of short height about an inch above her jeans and it exposed her belly button and a sexy curvature around it. The curves of her magnificient boobs looked so yummy that I felt a faint sense of excitement down there in my pants.
I controlled my emotions and my daughter informed me that Gitashree wants me to explain few doubts that she is having in maths. I smiled and asked my daughter why she could not explain. During lunch I explained her the basics and must admit that she has excellent grasping power. After this I found myself imagining her naked body and was pleased to have a massive erection and in privacy of bathroom even masterbated ( perhaps first time after my marriage).
I started to observe her more closely and discovered that she possesses so suckable lips, shapely legs etc etc. My desire for her grew but was terrified to make any advance. Her thoughts spiced up my sex life and I started demanding more from my wife and quite often imagined that I am fucking Gitashree.
Then one day my daughter asked me to bring back notes from Gitashree's house on my way back from office. I reached her house. As I was about to press calling bell, I heard Gitashree having a blast at someone. She was speaking in agitated voice, 'you are good at nothing, what was the hurry.' Then a male voice ' you are so hot ki  rokhaboi nuwaru'.
She snarled, ' you provoke my desires and then ufffff you hopeless guy, help me god, now dress up, my parents will be back '. I understood the scenario and could not control my desire to see her immediately. I waited for few minutes and pressed the calling bell. There was pindrop silence inside and it took another five minutes for her to open the door.
She at first was visibly relieved to see me instead of her parents. She was in mini skirt and tops. She must have overlooked while dressing up that she didn't put on her bra, much to my advantage, and her magnificent boobs dangled a bit, her swollen nipples protruded making a small projection on the T shirt, as she stepped back and wished me and welcomed me inside.
I feasted my eyes for those few seconds and as I sat on sofa I asked for water. She turned and as she left the room I ogled at her shapely ass and long legs, though a bit dark but smooth and appeared silky. I again had a mild erection. She took a bit long to return and when she did I was a bit disappointed.
She had brought the notes along with water and I had no business to stay there any further. While drinking water I again feasted my eyes with her raw beauty and got up to leave. She came up-to the gate to see me off. Then one day Gitashree directly approached me to teach her physics. I politely declined but my wife said ' help her, Sangeeta( my daughter) can not teach her'.
I agreed reluctantly and it initiated a chain of incidences. She used to come to our place mostly in jeans and I used to have a peek at her lovely cleavage when she used to bend forward to write. She used to smile while writing and on few occasions when she sat beside me, she rubbed her hands against me . I used to love that and gradually Gitashree opened up with me.
Once she asked me regarding the secret of my shapely body. I laughed and said it is yoga which keeps me in shape. She further added that these days youngsters are after weights, aerobics but as compared to theirs mine is more balanced body. She asked me to suggest few aasans to keep her stomach flat. I told her that she needs to do it in presence of a guru initially and then changed the topic.
I felt she compared me with youngsters and would often compliment me for being better off. It really used to give me pleasure. I was satisfied by the cleavage shows and those occasional accidental rubbing till my family left for Guwahati during Bihu holidays to be with myParent . I could not manage leave so had to stay back. Next day itself, Apratim came to my house with Gitashree.
He requested me to allow Gitashree study at our place as his house is full of relatives and with board exams just 2 months away she can not concentrate in studies. Gitashree even requested me to spare some time to guide her in physics. I had to agree as I could not find any excuse for not agreeing to it.
Apratim thanked me and left and I told him that I would drop her on my way to office and would pick her up while returning and she could study up-to evening 10 or 11. It was already 7:30 a.m and I was late for my yoga. I asked Gitashree to make herself comfortable in Living room and excused myself. Gitashree asked me innocently ' uncle, why don't you teach me few aasans '.
I looked at her, she was in jeans and T-shirt & a pull-over, and laughed. I told her that she can not do yoga with tight fitting clothes. She countered me and said uncle, I am wearing a loose T shirt and shorts beneath this and before I could react she removed her pull-over. She continuously pleaded 'please uncle, please uncle ' at my reluctance and soon she removed her jeans too.
Her shorts was really short and could easily have competed with panties. In those loose tops her boobs stood erect and her shapely long legs stoked fire in my crotch. I felt my dick hardening. I guided her to the room where I practice yoga. I then asked her to sit and came back after changing. I wore my track trousers and despite my best efforts slight bulge persisted.
I showed her how to do ' surya namaskar' and said this would be sufficient for her. I had to touch her to guide her and her her hotness transcended into me making my bulge more prominent.Gitashree was not able to remember all the aasans comprising surya namaskar so I asked her to practice breaking it into simpler exercises.
I stood behind her, barely inches behind her ass and asked her to inhale raising her hands and while exhaling she should bend down without bending her knees. She did it twice and third time she bend herself quickly that I was not able to move back as a result her ass rubbed against my bulge.
It was like a pleasure Tsunami hitting me. I wanted to grind my crotch over her ass but overcame my desire and stepped back. I was uneasy as I was sure Gitashree must surely have felt my hardness but she acted normal. I asked her to repeat this slowly few times without straining herself and sat on other mat to do my normal breathing exercise.
I could not concentrate and my attention was towards her boobs when she stood erect with her hands above her head, and her T shirt would expose her sexy belly button. My desire for her grew exponentially and reflected in my bulge attaining maximum. It really hurt me as my dick revolted and wanted free sky to fly high.
Gitashree perhaps understood my unease and smiled and asked me to show the next step. I had to to stand erect and she surely observed my bulge and giggled. Somehow, I managed to show her the next two steps. She asked me to correct her posture as she did the next two steps. I had to touch her thighs and touch of her silky thighs and positioning her waist was enough for me to be diving deep into ocean of lust.
I asked her to practice slowly and went to privacy of my bathroom. I removed all my clothes and masturbated. I felt relieved after it and thought now I would be able to control myself. I wore my trousers only, covering my top with a towel and returned back to her. I was shocked to see her in just bra and G strings.
Her back was towards me and it was as if she was totally nude to me. My dick reacted and within no time it again stood erect and this time as I was not wearing my jockey it was more than obvious about my inner intentions. Gitashree turned slowly and looked at me and finally her eyes were glued to my erection.
My whole body was burning with desire and I did, what I perceived, the most shameful thing of my life till that day. I lowered my trousers to her and threw the towel. My erect dick saluted her as I removed my trousers and became fully nude. I walked to her and pulled her and kissed her lips and my hands caressed her bare ass. I felt hotness of her entire body and sucked her lips.
I removed whatever little was left from her body. She actively participated and sucked my lips as well. She whispered uncle lets go to bed room and enjoy. We both kept on kissing all the way to bedroom. I pushed her gently over bed and came on her to suck her nipples. She moaned ummmmm aaahhh uncleee ufffff aaaahhhh ooohhhh.
I was so charged up that I just wanted to fuck her. I took out body oil and lubricated my dick. She protested and said ' uncle pls play ufffff noootttttt and I just managed to insert my dick by about an inch and ignored her call for foreplay. I was deep down inside her and started to gently explore her warmth. I licked her nipples and played with it with my tongue.

She was enjoying it but still complained with moans ' uncle thoda ruk jaate aaaaaaahhhhhh toh main aapkaaa ummmmmmm aisay hi ummmmmm suckkk karti haaann uncleeee kammmaar gghummaaa karrrr hhhaaannn aaaissaay hiii'. I grinded her pussy with my gentle thrust, saving my energy for peak moments and replied
'Gitashree, tumar vul, Imman gorom kori dila ebar hat morar pisotu mon nabhoril, Jetia loike tumak morom nakaru tetiloike santi napam, tumi bahut sexy'. I could believe that I spoke these words as all these years I just moaned and my wife and me never talked during sex. Gitashree giggled and kept on encouraging me to go deep down and fuck her nicely.
I then stopped drilling her and asked her ' Gitashree, hosake kuasun tumi boyfriendor logotu kora nohoy janu '. She said ' uncle he Kausik, he tu imman homoy decharged hoi gol  heten'. I gave her few thrusts with some power, shaking her up, and nibbled her nipples and she let out a long moan 'ummmmmm aaaaahh uncleeeeee karoooook naaaaa plsss uffffff robo nuwarisu'.
I stopped again and asked her, ' tumar voy nalage? '. She said ' Voy ! kyo ? '. I sucked her lips and gently squeezed her boobs and said ' Dhora porile '. She giggled and said ' aapunak kune doubt koribo  aaaahhhh uncleeee nakamuribo haaaiiii lahe lahe ufffff aru moi sexxxxx koribo parim  aaahhhh '. I groaned Gitashree at full speed.
She said mmmaahhhhh murrrrrrr aaaahhhh ummmmmmm paniiiiiiiiiiii ulaiseeeee and I picked up speed. The itch around my dick was increasing and I kept on fucking her at rapid pace. Her boobs kept on bouncing from my thrust and she moaned uncleeeeee apunar auntyyyyyyyyyy bahuttttttttt lukcky ufffffffff hodai imman dhuniya aaaa sexxxxxxxxxx paiiiii.
I held her one leg to create more room for myself and rammed her. She was moaning loudly uuuuuugghghhh aaahhhhh ummmmmmmm uncleeeeeeee bussssss oooohhhhhhh ummmmm ahhhhh uuunnccclleeeeeeeeeeee uffffffffff and I felt the alley on which my dick was moving getting narrower and narrower and then hot liquid, as if she urinated, surrounding my dick and flowing in gallons.
I felt I would discharge and I pulled out my dick and she nearly shouted uncleeeee bahiiirt nepelabooooo plsssss vitorot  diyok plssss diyokna. I said condom nai  Gitashree. She said plsssss  uncleeeeee murrrr safeee timeee hoiiiii plsssss diyokkkkkknaaaaaaa uncleeeee ekuuuuuu nahoiiii  uncleeee aahhhh diokkkkkk.
I again entered her in one thrust and resumed pumping her. She hugged me and started licking my face and moaning all at same time. She was uncontrollable now and moaned uncleeee haaannnn chodoooook haaannnnn ummmmmm and I felt her hips was also greedily swallow me.
As I kept on pumping her Nikita suddenly shreiked uncleeeeeee aaahhhh ummmmmmm and her entire body got tensed for few minutes and she hugged me with so power that I found difficult to move. Then she relaxed and I continued my with my remaining journey. I gave her my best shots and had my second ejaculation of the day.

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